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As a graphic designers who has tons of deadlines to meet, sometimes we are faced with limited resources, including images that we are going to use for the artwork. Using stock photographs is one solution that can be considered. However, we also have to realize that we might not find the perfect photo, which means that we have to do a little ‘magic’ with Photoshop in order to make it work.

The city of Toronto is quite notorious for its Photoshop works. The cover of Toronto Fun Guide says it all.


Toronto Fun Guide Before & After

In the image above, not only the proportion is off, the hue and lighting are off too. Take a close look at the finger tip on the left side of the image. Looking at the original picture (left), I believe those fingers belong to the mother, and in the engineered picture, the fingers were darkened to suggest they now belong to the father, and this makes it even funnier, since the father’s arm must be very long. In addition to those silliness, the cropping against the blue background is terrible.

If you want to read the entire article, you can go to http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/toronto/archive/2009/06/10/city-digitally-adds-black-guy-to-fun-guide-cover-to-make-it-more-inclusive.aspx

I took a subway train yesterday, and I saw another ad, this time by Toronto Public Health, and it really bothers me because of some technical and non-technical issues. (I thought the lady in the picture is too confident, she should have been more sad, but let’s leave the conceptual side later).

Here is the original image:

Original Ad

Original Ad

Using my common sense first of all, I can see that the hand is a montage. If I use the face as a basic of my analysis, I would say, that the woman in the picture is about 16 years old, and most likely on the slim side. When you look at the chubby hand, they just don’t fit. Not to mention the different in hue between the hand and the face, the hand got more exposure to hard light than the face.

When you try to find the source of light, you will see that the direction of light for the hand and the face is also different. Not to mention that there are no shadows on the paper at all.



If I did this image, I probably would look for a hand that is more petite and have similar hues and shading to the face. However, just to show you my point, let me try to fix it, even though it’s not going to be perfect, because I would need a hi-res images to get it right.

  1. First of all, I made the hand ‘thinner’ and ‘slimmer’ to match the face.
  2. Then I made the hand less bright and add more ‘red’ and ‘yellow’ to the color balance to match the hue
  3. I even added some shadows on the bottom side of the hand (not too much)
  4. Then I worked on the paper by adding some shades to the paper using filter and drew the hand’s shadow on it with around 65% opacity

Here is the result:

Corrected Image

Corrected Image

Now I believe it is much better. (PW)

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